is special...
If what you need
is to disconnect
and enjoy
the silence...
Let the landscape
colours and
dazzle you...
yourself on old
Feel the
caress of
the fog...
Forget the stress
of everyday life
and stop the
clock for
a moment...
... Gamioko Borda
Your family photo
will be the only
thin missing
to make you
fell completely
at home...

Gamioko Borda - Rural house in Baztan

Gamioko Borda is an old tillage farmhouse from the end of eighteenth century. It was inaugurated in 2012.  It is completely isolated and is located in Ziga (Baztan). Gamioko Borda has been completely renovated by the owners of the house, keeping its original charm,  but also incorporating new technologies.

The house is 700 meters away from the village of Ziga and the road to access it is well maintained and it is surrounded by chestnuts and oaks.

Gamioko Borda represents the traditional architecture from Baztan, where red stone and wood are combined to create an environment that ensures comfort, rest and recreation for the senses.
All the rooms are different. Each of them is decorated with its own style, taking care of all the little details to make your stay more enjoyable.


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GAMIOKO BORDA is special and you will feel special staying at this beautifully renovated XVIII century farmhouse which combines past and present.


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